Natural Perfume & Aromatherapy Workshop, Switzerland

Ein Anlass für Frauen jeden Alters
– unser Sinnlich Sein ent-deckend, belebend und zusammen nährend


Nach dem erfolgreichen ‘Schön Sein’ Anlass im Mai 2015 und dem wundervoll nährenden Anlass ‘Frau Sein’ im Mai 2016 laden wir nun wieder Frauen jeden Alters ein, zusammen mit uns unser ‘SinnlichSein’ spielerisch zu entdecken.
Dafür haben wir Laura Hoy, Aromatherapeutin aus England, für einen Parfüm-Workshop mit natürlichen, ätherischen Ölen zu uns eingeladen.  

Aromatherapie- und Parfümworkshop mit Laura Hoy aus England


In diesem sehr praktischen und sinnlichen Workshop erfahren wir mehr über die Herkunft der aromatischen Zutaten  und lernen ihre gesundheitsfördernden Wirkungen kennen.
Auch die Teemischungen in der Pause und Snacks sind ganz dem Thema gewidmet und jede Teilnehmerin kann sich ihr individuell selbst zusammengestelltes Parfüm aus den natürlichen ätherischen Ölen mischen. 

            ab  8.30 Uhr    Einlass, Begrüssung & Tee
9.00 –    9.30 Uhr    Frauenrunde mit offenem Austausch
9.30 – 13.00 Uhr    Parfümworkshop, inkl. Teepause
13.00 – 15.00Uhr     Mittagstisch, offen für Familie & Freunde

Ort:          Quartierlokal, Wildbachstrasse 18, 8400 Winterthur
Zeit:          9 -13  Uhr, inkl. Tee-& Snackpause
Kosten:   8
0.– bzw. 140.- für  2 Freundinnen und 120.- für                                    Mutter-Tochter, Tante-Nichte, Grossmutter-Enkelin
      * inkl. eigenes, selbstgemischte Parfüm (10ml) aus besten Zutaten            & natürlichen, ätherischen Öle / je 8.- für weitere Parfüms 

Natural Perfume & Aromatherapy Workshop, Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex

-Make your own unique & completely natural, organic perfume, with the finest quality essential oils. Experience and learn about the aromatic ingredients, where they come from and their added health benefits, in this practical, sensual workshop. Open to all.

bespoke perfume bottles

  • Date: Sunday 2nd April, 2017
  • Time: 11am – 2pm
  • Venue: Shoreham Osteopathy Centre, 10 Western Rd, Shoreham-by-Sea BN43 5WD
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Cost: £60*
  • Bookings: 07828954020,
  • *Price includes
    • 2 x 10ml bespoke natural perfumes to take home, made by you, using the best quality ingredients and your choice of essential oils for a unique fragrance.
    • pay an extra £5 for extra perfume blends to take home.


Some examples of popular workshops I offer are as follows:

Natural Perfume Making Workshop – make your own completely natural, organic perfume, with the finest quality essential oils, usually set in Kate Langdale’s beautiful flower studio but can be held at a venue of your choice, eg. home, place of work… For more details read the notes from this workshop on my blog post Natural Perfume Making.

Introduction to Essential Oils Workshop – to give you a taste of this workshop read my blog post A Basic Introduction to Essential Oils you can choose from a variety of option for making products with essential oils, including balms, massage oils, creams and perfumes.

Natural Face Cream Making Workshop – to give you a taste of this workshop read my blog post  Natural Face and Body Cream Making Workshop

Hen Parties, Birthday Parties, Work Events– Making perfumes or face creams is a lovely activity to do with friends and family as part of a celebration or particular event. These can be tailored to your group specifically with regards to location, time and budget. Get in touch for more details and to make a booking.

natural perfume making workshop  IMG_4026

Bespoke Workshops

Workshops can be tailored to your group and your particular requirements including topic, length and budget and location.  They will always be very practical and interactive, with a focus on sharing how essential oils can be used very simply to support self care and nurturing.

For more information and to book a place or arrange a date, please contact Laura by email or telephone 07828954020

Natural Cream Making Workshop

Feeling what part of my body I want apply cream to.

Event Details:

Make your own natural skin cream, with out preservatives or chemicals, using the finest quality organic ingredients. Learn about the essential oils and their affects to help you decide on a fragrance to suit your needs.

  • Date: TBC (get in touch to set a date to suit you).
  • Time: TBC
  • Venue: TBC
  • Duration: usually 3-5 hours
  • Cost: £150*
  • Bookings: 07828954020,
  • *Price includes
    • 50ml bespoke natural cream (worth £30) to take home, made by you, using the best quality ingredients and your choice of essential oils for a unique fragrance.
    • Lunch/snacks and Tea depending on times and length of workshop.

9 thoughts on “Workshops


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    1. Hi Levi, thanks for your comment. As it happens, I am about to publish at blog post all about the natural perfume making workshop. It should be ready in about a week, so watch this space… with love, Laura


    1. Thank you Levi,
      In the meantime I have written a couple of blogs that will be very helpful for making your own perfume blends:

      And for blogs about which oils to use:

      One of the best things about the workshop is that you have access to all of the ingredients, but even with just a few oils you can come up with some lovely fragrances and sometimes it can make it much simpler to just work with a few oils. Please feel free to contact me for any advice and make sure you’re ‘following’ this blog, so that you receive new posts.

      With love, Laura

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      1. Hi Levi, Just incase you didn’t receive this when it was published, here is the blog on making natural perfumes:


    1. Hi Eva, I would recommend that you come along to one of the natural perfume making workshops coming up as all my workshops include an introduction to essential oils, as these are the ingredients we use in the perfumes and I’ll be going into all the details on them. I’m pretty sure you will feel confident that you have a good foundation to begin with. The next courses are on the 2nd and 3rd July, let me know if either are suitable and if not we can discuss future dates…


  2. Hi Laura,

    Thank you so much for Today’s Natural Perfume Making Workshop! It was an amazing experience for me to understand about nature. How much nature has to offer us. We rarely notice it, but it is always there.

    I have learnt a lot, not only about essential oils, but also about myself! When you asked us to close our eyes and just smell, I felt like I was reconnected to my lost sense-smell!

    I use lemon everyday. I know it is good for health etc. But I never really had a chance to take a few seconds to stay there and really Smell it.

    When I left the workshop today, things have started to make sense. In my mind the dominance of Vision in humans has relegated our sense of Smell.

    You are very beautiful inside and out. I greatly appreciate your passion for what you are doing and you were there with us at every moment.

    Thank you again so much for bringing me back the most important sense!

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