How to make a Room Spray with Essential Oils.

A very simple recipe for making a Room Spray using essential oils. Not only will using essential oils give your room an amazing botanical scent, it will also sanitise the atmosphere – all essential oils have an anti-microbial action to varying degrees, so this spray will really support you in your environment.

Recipe for 100ml

  • 99ml Distilled Water or Hydrolat/Floral Water – I prefer floral waters as they will have their own scent already and a slightly better shelf life depending on the quality of your source but are more expensive than just distilled water). Click here for a range of  Flower Waters by Essential Oils & You.
  • Half a Tea spoon of Emulsifier, this could be vegetable glycerin or castille soap (Mystic Moments sell organic versions of these) – this ingredient is essential to make the essential oil mix with the water, otherwise it will stay separated, floating on the top of the water and most likely go off within a few weeks.
  • 1ml Essential Oil(s) (30 drops approximately) – you can use one essential oil or a blend of several – see suggestions below*

Instructions: Mix all the ingredients into a spray bottle and shake well. Label and date the bottle so you don’t forget what it contains and allow around 6 months shelf life.

You can purchase a spray bottle from Baldwins: – Alternatively, if you have purchased the flower water from my webshop, it will come in a glass spray bottle and you can just add the emulsifier and essential oils to that.

Use: Shake before use and spritz around the room as you feel to…

*Below are my suggestions for some essential oil blends to inspire you. If you would like to choose your own then check out my blog: A List of the most popular Essential Oils, their Uses and Cautions for more ideas. You can use one oil or blend as many as you like, but keep the total quantity in the recipe to 1ml (approx. 30 drops).

  • Citrus Sparkle – cleansing and invigorating
    • Lemongrass 10 drops
    • May Chang 10 drops
    • Lemon 10 drops
  • Herbalicious – cleansing and strongly anti-microbial
    • Rosemary 10 drops
    • Thyme 10 drops
    • Lavender 10 drops
  • Clean Green – cleansing and refreshing
    • Pine 10 drops
    • Eucalyptus 10 drops
    • Lime 10 drops
  • Sweet Harmony – cleansing and balancing
    • Geranium 10 drops
    • Orange 10 drops
    • Cardamom 10 drops

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