Bespoke Services

Bespoke Blending Service

Request a personal blend to support an array of health and well-being issues, from serious chronic illness to day to day nurturing. These can range from bath and body oils to face creams. Some particularly popular blends include a blend for scars, stress & anxiety, and for nausea (very helpful during pregnancy).

Please contact me directly to order bespoke products or check out some popular bespoke blends here.

Other services include…


Private consultation advising how to use essential oils to support health and well-being, £60/hour.

This can be done in person, by telephone or skype.


£60/hour in Brighton, UK, please call 07828954020 for bookings.

Gift Vouchers

Available for workshops, products & bespoke blending, get in touch to arrange a voucher to suit you.


Click here to check out up and coming events.

Some examples of popular workshops I offer are as follows:

Natural Perfume Making Workshop – make your own completely natural, organic perfume, with the finest quality essential oils, usually set in Kate Langdale’s beautiful flower studio but can be held at a venue of your choice, eg. home, place of work… For more details read the notes from this workshop on my blog post Natural Perfume Making.

Introduction to Essential Oils Workshop – to give you a taste of this workshop read my blog post A Basic Introduction to Essential Oils you can choose from a variety of option for making products with essential oils, including balms, massage oils, creams and perfumes.

Natural Face Cream Making Workshop – to give you a taste of this workshop read my blog post  Natural Face and Body Cream Making Workshop

Hen Parties, Birthday Parties, Work Events– Making perfumes or face creams is a lovely activity to do with friends and family as part of a celebration or particular event. These can be tailored to your group specifically with regards to location, time and budget. Get in touch for more details and to make a booking.


Bespoke Workshops – Workshops can be tailored to your group and your particular requirements including topic, length and budget and location.  They will always be very practical and interactive, with a focus on sharing how essential oils can be used very simply to support self care and nurturing.

For more information and to book a place or arrange a date, please contact Laura by email or telephone 07828954020

4 thoughts on “Bespoke Services

  1. Just wanted to write a little note thanking Laura for the lovely Rose face cream that she had made especially for me, I have been using the cream for 6 months now and my skin feels fab! I realised just how good it was when I recently ran out and had to use my old brand for a few days, my skin felt clogged and started spotting straight away. Laura’s cream lets your skin breath and hydrates, I will recommend this to everyone! Lucy xxx

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  2. I have switched from using Greenpeople and Liz Earle to using hand made cream made by Laura for my nighttime face cream in the past couple of months and I must say it is gorgeousness in a pot! It feels so luxurious and velvety yet thick and nourishing on my skin and smells like heaven! I only get a small pot each time as I don’t want to lose the freshness and only use a little tiny bit each night so it lasts ages! Thank you Laura – I love it and recommend highly to anyone fancying a bit of self nurturing on a daily basis. It’s like the one time I definitely manage to be with me as I enjoy putting it on so much…. 🌹🌹🌹

    Liked by 1 person

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