“The rose oil is utterly beautiful, better than any I’ve smelled before!” Zoe from Into-Beauty at  Brighton & Hove Therapies.

“Thank you very much for the beautiful oils! The quality is really astonishing.” K Schäffer, Germany

“I work with Laura Hoy’s essential oils – they are a gift of heaven! The attention, care and delicateness in which they are sourced, developed and handled makes their unique fragrance and gives them the deeply healing properties that they have. They can of course not substitute our attitude and the way we treat ourselves and our bodies, but they can set an impulse that supports and inspires us in our choices and to consider a more self-nurturing and self-loving way, as they give us a reflection and remind us of this delicate and precious aspect within ourselves.” – Judith Andras, Germany.

“Incomparable! There is such a love and care by Laura that is felt in every drop of essential oil she sells. The oils have a very clear smell that capture the essence of the plant so absolut sincere that it is a pure joy to have and use them. Heartily recommend!!!  She made me as well a ‘bespoken blend’ that supports me with my breath when needed, what makes such a divine job and there courses where you give rise to a balm for your hands, elbows or whatever part of your body needs a bit more care, are a joyful & salutary gathering!  Next I will give a go to the Inhaler Sticks they sound amazing too and supportive in this times!” Sandra Schneider, Germany.

Marte Dahl, Norway

“I’m writing to buy some more of that neroli oil. I have to say I have loved from the get go. I use the same diffuser as you and feel that it actually helps a lot sometimes just feeling the smell of the neroli. I also use it normally twice a day on that spot for the nervous system, on the shoulders. I also LOOOVE the rose oil, ooh my, and usually use it once or twice a day. When it comes to the digestion oil I only get around to using that in periods when I have a flow, and that hasn’t been often since the middle of July. But when I use it, and do the massage, I love that too. Am also using the lavender in lotions and oil, use it after showering or at night to massage, especially my calves which have been quite ‘crampy’ lately. All in all loving my relationship to oils and massage, it is a great support to me:)
I think I might as well buy 2 of that neroli oil….” Marte Dahl, Norway

“My housemate grabbed them (rose absolutes) out of the box because of the smell while sitting at the table….she said the rose smell was so amazing she couldn’t help herself…compliments to you she said….thank you for reminding her of her grandmother’s rose garden…it brought tears to her eyes!!” K. Corpus, United States.

“I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and open my parcel, and honestly I can’t put words to how beautiful the oils are. You are an absolute wonder. Thank you.” – Cate, Brighton

“I have used the ones I purchased for work which are all beautiful – Basil, Lavender, Bergamot. It’s such a lovely ritual doing that every morning for the office.Your packaging is just so gorgeous and I can feel the love and gentleness they bring just by holding the bottle in my hand ” – Courtney Drenic, Melbourne


“Thanks so much for a wonderful zoom class. It was so interesting, thanks for sharing your beautiful knowledge of essential oils”.  Barbara from Josies Botanicals

“I attended one of Laura’s Natural Skincare & Aromatherapy weekends in the lovely Devon countryside. As a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist, this course appealed to me on both a personal and professional level. It was a wonderful combination of pampering ‘me-time’ creating gorgeous-smelling products for my own use and exploring how to blend essential oils into bespoke products. Laura’s passion for the oils was infectious and I loved trying new carrier oils that I had never come across before. The whole weekend was relaxed, informative and fun. I would recommend to both aromatherapists and non-aromatherapists alike.” Susan Lane from Aromatherapy Lane.

“I have just attended one of Laura’s workshops where we made our own perfumes using her essential oils with the support of her wealth of knowledge on the oil’s properties and the best way to blend the oils we individually chose to make up. It was such a beautiful morning, Laura is a great facilitator allowing us to be led to make our own choices entirely – all the perfumes we made were so unique to each individual person – no doubt responding to our particular needs at the time. I came away with two beautiful perfume blends and a great respect for Laura’s knowledge and her gentle presence. Thank you Laura.” – Debra S, Australia

“Thank you for a truly lovely weekend – it was so gorgeous to reconnect with the oils and I learnt so much from you. Gosh you are so full of gems Laura in this subject, and it was so delightful to witness you bringing this together as you did. How blessed we are to have you doing this, I feel deeply inspired.” Sandra Vicary, Somerset

“Thank you so much for an amazing weekend ( my sort of weekend ). I really enjoyed it , every detail had been thought of . Making the creams, balms and soap was very inspiring and fun and being with everyone was great.” Sue Goodson, Surrey


“My hay fever symptoms have improved a lot thank you. I still get itchy eyes and a little blocked and sneezing but thats usually in the mornings or evening when I need to re-apply the blend. Your bespoke blend is really beautiful to apply thank you. I think in the first few days as my symptoms were so strong I applied quite a lot and then felt a bit greasy as I’m not used to using oils (I’m also quite heavy handed sometimes with things). I am now applying less (3 drops to my face and neck, twice a day unless I need during the day) and it’s working really well thank you. It’s so nice not to be taking medication, which I always avoid if I can.  I have also had dry patches of skin across my cheek bones for months despite applying moisturiser daily and they are now beautifully soft!” – Michelle Foulser, UK

“I used different essential oils blends, two during and one after pregnancy. They were very supportive. One I used almost just on the womb playfully so and my sense was that the qualities were felt for me and for the baby, too. They gave me a deeper understanding of nourishing – the other one I used for myself as a perfume. Since then I did not get any other perfumes as they are to strong and feel not as supportive as the essential oils. I know Laura and her way of being, this absolute tenderness always melts me away and inspires me. I feel the support through her enormous care and the love that she works with is transmitted, it’s an extra essence which makes a huge difference compared to all the other perfumes of the industry. Very amazing and simple, she sends me every new order to Switzerland :) the first two I did at her workshop that she once held in Winterthur (Webseite Heilsamleben) a beautyfull experience. I can recommend her workshops and oils to absolutely everyone, for me they are divine.” – Nadine Riesterer-Wolfsberger, Switzerland

Scar Care Balm: “I can testify for the beautiful healing support of the balm (for scar care Laura made for me). Post a surgery about three weeks ago and a huge scar I started applying it where I could access my skin around the bandages. And once the bandages were off on the scab that was formed. The healing of the scar has been astonishing. Laura’s balms are the highest quality and so deeply nurturing. Highly recommended.” –Golnaz Shariatzadeh, London


“Just wanted to write a little note thanking Laura for the lovely Rose face cream that she had made especially for me, I have been using the cream for 6 months now and my skin feels fab! I realised just how good it was when I recently ran out and had to use my old brand for a few days, my skin felt clogged and started spotting straight away.  Laura’s cream lets your skin breath and hydrates, I will recommend this to everyone!” – Lucy Hollands, Kent

“Hi Laura, Just wanted to let you know that I received my cream and really enjoy using it. It’s my new favourite! Thank you” – Lavone Looui, London