Essential Oils and You

The intention of this blog is to share simple ways to use essential oils in every day life to support, nurture and cherish yourself.

I spend a lot of time at work talking to clients about how to use oils  (I work at a company that sells essential oils), and decided to record some of this advice for a wider audience.  Any feedback or questions are welcome, as I’d like to tailor it to your needs and curiosities and make it as useful as possible.

Essential Oils are a powerful tool that can support various issues from serious illness, to the common cold, to various stressful feelings in daily life to nasty skin conditions.  You don’t need to be able to afford an ‘Aromatherapy’ massage every week to appreciate the benefits of the oils.  If you’ve ever inhaled the essential oil from the Eucalyptus tree, then you will have experienced the very obvious, immediate clearing effect it has on your entire respiratory system, from the moment you sense it at the tip of your nose, right down into the depths of your lungs.  So, do not underestimate the effects a simple scent can have on your well-being, and because of their potency there are some safety issues that do need to be observed which I will cover.

As well as sharing many of the amazing properties of the oils and practical ways to use them I will also be highlighting the importance of You in the equation and the huge difference the way you are can make to the outcome.

For example, there is likely to be a noticeable difference in the way you and your body respond  if you were to (a) slap a bit of oil onto a sore knee each morning, if you remember, before dashing out the door & legging it for a bus or (b) come home, set a comfortable place up on the sofa, support your knee with a cushion and gently massage the oil around your knee for 5 minutes,  perhaps taking a moment to warm the oil before application and maybe even using a blanket to cover yourself so you can rest a while afterwards.

Hopefully you catch my drift, but it’s not necessarily about having lots of time to do these things, as the oils are very versatile, and as with the Eucalyptus effects noted above, they can be very quick to make a difference to the way you feel- just a dot on your chest can help you breath more easily.  I like to keep things simple and clear, and I always like to make sure advice I give to clients is useful to them  in particular.  I find taking a bath a gorgeous way to enjoy the oils, you may not particularly like baths, or you may not have a bath, so then there is another way to find for you to enjoy them…

Remember that the things I share with you in this blog are just tools for you to use to bring a little extra care, fun and nurture to your life and there are many other ways to do this, but the choice to really respect and appreciate how special you are comes from you.  You could bring just as much support and healing to yourself in the way you eat or cook, or the way you exercise or move your body.  Using the oils is just another way of getting to know yourself and what works for you.  For me, it is a really lovely, practical and effective way, to support myself, the scent can make me stop and notice something which helps halt the busy-ness I can get caught in, and choosing the method of using the oil makes me stop and say ‘what do I really want to do?’, instead of just doing the same old thing.  There are so many delicious oils to discover so you get to be creative even if it’s just choosing between lavender or rose in the bath…

Gentle Hermione