Essential Oils, Nature and Education – Fields Studies Council Projects

My workshops involve making aromatherapy and skincare products using essential oils and other plant derived ingredients. I choose to run them in settings that have a connection to nature, preferably with plants that yield essential oils. I feel it is important to know where the ingredients come from, who looks after them and how. This in itself can tell you a lot about the plants properties, qualities and help understand why it might be useful for supporting health and wellbeing. It also highlights how precious the plants are, when you realise the quantity of plant material needed and the huge amount of work that goes into providing a tiny little bottle of essential oil, you cannot help but respect it and the way you use it more deeply. A lot goes into every single drop and it makes a difference if what goes into it is love, care and consideration for the all including the environment!

I have been running courses and workshops in association with the Field Studies Council since 2019, this is an organisation who have been providing outdoor education since 1943 and are dedicated to taking care of our natural environment.

I feel honoured to be working with them and highly recommend visiting any of their stunning sites which are situated in areas of natural beauty all over the United Kingdom. In most cases you can stay onsite, with meals provided and they offer a huge range of natural history and art and craft courses. It is a gorgeous opportunity to go away for a weekend and connect with nature. My workshops are part of a new initiative focusing on health and wellbeing and will be offered at a variety of centres and also online from 2021:

Orielton Field Studies Centre, Pembrokeshire

FSC Orielton, in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Weekend workshops take place at their impressive Georgian mansion secluded in 120 hectares of diverse habitats including woodland, grassland, meadows and freshwater.

Millport Fields Studies Centre, Isle of Cumbrae

FSC Millport, located on the Isle of Cumbrae on the Firth of Clyde in Scotland. You will need to take a ferry to get here, but it’s well worth the adventure, as the nature surrounding this island is spectacular.

Flatford Mill Field Centre, Suffolk

FSC Flatford Mill, set amidst the quintessentially English countryside of the Dedham Vale in Suffolk, commonly referred to as Constable Country. These are usually arranged as individual day workshops, but set consecutively so you can join all events on offer and stay on site to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Slapton Ley Field Studies Centre, Devon

FSC Slapton Ley on the coast of South Devon – an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, located on a nature reserve and a short walk to the beach.

Click here to see the full course schedule on my website.

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