Essential Oils on Film

Sorry film footage is no longer available to view, hope to update soon…

Last weekend (Sunday 2nd November) I appeared on the UK Channel 4 TV show called ‘Sunday Brunch‘.


You can still view the footage on 4OD (for free) by using this link:

The essential oil slot begins at 1 hour 29 minutes into the show and I share with presenters, Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer, some useful information about using essential oils including:

How essential oils are made by steam distillation:


How herb & spice oils support digestion,


Why it’s important to enjoy the scent,


Why rose essential oil is so expensive and how wintergreen essential oil is great for helping muscles to relax.

Enjoy the show…

Note: you may not be able to use this link if you are outside the UK, but I hope to upload the footage  to this site at a later date.